In addition to high quality, downloadable images all of my Birth Families receive their images in a slideshow set to music. I think it is SO powerful to watch your birth story like a Film. Below is the slide show I created for this family with all of the images from their beautiful Home Birth.


I’m really interested in Birth Photography, how do I learn more?

Get in contact with me via my contact sheet or telephone (832) 217-9567 and I can answer any questions you have. I do prefer to meet with you in person or via Skype chat so we can discuss the plans you have for your birth! I find it helps us both to get to know each other before your big day!

When do I contact you once I’m in labor?

I go on call for you at 37 weeks pregnant, until it’s time to meet your baby. Once I am on call, I prefer you keep me in the loop on how you feel. Texting is a great way to do that! I like to meet you once your in active labor (about 5-6 cm for those getting checked) I don’t like showing up to early, so as not to interrupt the flow of labor. I do, however love to capture those beautiful moments of labor and your birthing space.

How much do you charge for Birth Photography/Film?

My packages start at $1000.00. I take a retainer of 1/2 your package cost at the time of booking. The remainder of your balance is paid at 37 weeks, when I go on call for you. This is important because I won’t take any other clients during that time. Payment plans are available too!

What do I wear in labor and for the birth?

The answer is of course, whatever you are comfortable in! But lets be real, we like to plan these things! We will go over all of this at our meeting. I have lots of comfortable and affordable suggestions for you and your partner!