The Home Birth Of Ren Miriam

From the first day I met April, I knew her birth was going to be special. This was her fifth baby, and she was planning a home birth surrounded by her family. 3 days before her due date, she let me know she was 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced but no contractions. How does that even happen?! So, when she text me 3 days later (on her due date!) saying she had a couple of contractions I immediately headed her way.

When I got to her house, April was sitting on her bed laughing with her midwives, and thankfully still pregnant!


My heart skipped a beat. She looked radiant! Her face was glowing with joy, and the room was so full of love and anticipation. April got in the tub with the help of her sister (who is also a doula!) and her husband.


As the late afternoon light streamed through the windows she worked through the contractions with so much grace.


She decided to get out and move to the floor next to her bed. Leaning over the bed she worked through a few more contractions as she was given back support and hip squeezes.


Her daughters kneeled at her feet and she beared down and brought her baby earthside.


The next few hours April laid in her bed cuddling her new baby girl surrounded by those that love her the most.


Her littles came in and out of the room to peek in and say hi, and I had the honor of standing back, snapping photos for her to look back on and show her daughter all of the happiness that surrounded her the day she was born.


The Beautiful Birthing gown and top are from Dear Darby! April and her sister created these gowns. Find them at

You can watch the slideshow with the entire gallery of images from this birth!