When I walked into the room of the first birth I attended at St. Luke’s hospital as a Birth Photographer the very first thing I noticed was how stunning the birthing mom looked! Beauty and power radiated from her. The way her partner looked at her was pure love. The compassion and support she received from her midwife Kristi Rhoades brought tears to my eyes. Right then I knew my WHY….. I wanted every mom to see themselves they way I saw them in that moment: Breathtaking and Powerful. There truly is no beauty like the transformation of becoming a parent.



You will never forget the day you meet your baby. Whether it’s through birth, adoption or surrogacy, your life will forever be changed. You will want to look back at those fleeting moments; the encouraging words from your partner, the first time you lock eyes with your baby, those sweet first cries… are all part of your families story. Having these precious moments captured so you can reflect back on that day, and even share it with your baby one day is so powerful. At Tribe Birth I will not only capture these beautiful moments, but most important will honor your birth space. I have given birth 8 times so I truly understand the sacredness of birth.


Birth is beautiful, no matter where it happens! I can attend your birth at the hospital, birth center or home! I have worked alongside several midwives and OB/GYN’s in the Treasure Valley area.


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