Films tell a side of a birthing story that still images can’t. A babies first cry, words of encouragement from your support team and the slow swaying of your hips are all the little moments that you don’t want to forget! Every time I deliver a film to a family, I always get told “you captured things that I had no idea were happening!”

This film features a first time mom, who chose to give birth at home with midwives. She had a fantastic support team, comprised of a doula, loving partner and her puppies that never left her side! This film also includes some footage of her Fresh 48 session. Get your tissues out, because the message she gives her new daughter, Loa at the end is incredibly beautiful!

This is a film from a Blessing Way ceremony. Check out my Blog post here: for more information about what this ceremony is about! In addition to capturing Births, I love to document entire pregnancy journey’s. Would you like your baby shower filmed or photographed? Maybe you would like to have a prenatal visit included in your film? The options are endless!